Homeland Security Lingerie seed is planted

A few years ago I was in a lingerie store with a girlfriend shopping. Her husband loves her in a corset so she was there to purchase a new one to add to her collection. I have to insert at this point that this particular friend happens to have one of the strongest marriages I have witnessed of all of my married friends. Despite two children, two demanding careers, two extended families on two opposite sides of the country and involvement in extracurricular activities for all members of their family they have found a way to keep it new and exciting. I am guessing from this invite to accompany her on this shopping trip that I am getting a glimpse of their secret.

So we are strolling through the aisles holding up various items and giggling as girlfriends do in such a store. I hold up a particular piece of lingerie and say “Now here is your real Homeland Security ladies”. At the time the term Homeland Security had become a household word. I said yes this would definitely be the weapon to protect your real homeland. Yes that was the moment this passion seed began to grow.

Homeland Security

Families are being destroyed everyday.  I am not going to sugar coat this information for you.  Your loving devoted man is going to work daily and waiting for him is a female panther.  Waiting to serve him.  Waiting to be at his beck and call.  She comes to the workplace dressed in a soft, lacy, beckoning armor.  She begins his days with “Can I get you more coffee?”  “May I pick up your dry cleaning?”  “Is there anything else I can do for you?”  Her job is to make sure his needs are met.  Partly because she is paid to do so and in many cases because she has other motives.  She may be climbing the professional ladder or she may be raging a silent war to replace the present homemaker in his life.  So he leaves the offices of pampering in such pretty wrapping and he comes home to sweat pants and bi-weekly leg shavings.  I know I am going to take the heat from women who are unwilling to accept that no matter how much women’s lib we have fought to accomplish some things in life are just plain human nature.
So he leaves a soft maiden ready to serve and comes home to the den mother.  What do you think is going to eventually happen?  I am here to serve the reality and help you take back and keep what is yours.  I am here to provide you with the weapons that will weaken the enemy and keep strong his need to come home.

Attention Ladies

There are predators lurking out there ready to take your home and everything that you have spent years and half yourself to create. We are here to provide you the weapons you need in your arsenol to keep your home safe.
Give him a reason to be anxious to walk through the door of his home at the end of every day. Keep in mind he is leaving the workplace where he has people – often women – at his beck and call. Just waiting to please him. Dressed to kill his desire to go home. Change his home life, change your life by reminding him why he chose to have a home with you in the first place.