Homeland Security Lingerie seed is planted

A few years ago I was in a lingerie store with a girlfriend shopping. Her husband loves her in a corset so she was there to purchase a new one to add to her collection. I have to insert at this point that this particular friend happens to have one of the strongest marriages I have witnessed of all of my married friends. Despite two children, two demanding careers, two extended families on two opposite sides of the country and involvement in extracurricular activities for all members of their family they have found a way to keep it new and exciting. I am guessing from this invite to accompany her on this shopping trip that I am getting a glimpse of their secret.

So we are strolling through the aisles holding up various items and giggling as girlfriends do in such a store. I hold up a particular piece of lingerie and say “Now here is your real Homeland Security ladies”. At the time the term Homeland Security had become a household word. I said yes this would definitely be the weapon to protect your real homeland. Yes that was the moment this passion seed began to grow.

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